Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Curation Progress (Blog 9)

At this point, basically all I've got left to do is to put the finishing touches on the last half of the posts (adding  photos of the artists and the album art for each artist, and adding the track list for each available album).  And all of that really isn't too hard because the rest of that is just copying and pasting things into the right place.

And although these last few steps aren't all that difficult, besides the temper tantrums I have because my computer is the baby blue equivalent of a netbook, they are overwhelmingly time consuming. I'm not sure that one inanimate object has ever angered any human being so much.

But I'm glad that I managed my time on this curation project because had I have done all of it at the last minute, I wouldn't have taken anything positive away from the experience. I would have been doing it just to get it done.

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