Monday, November 19, 2012

Get Organized

        Like most fairly messy teens like myself, I so dreaded the start of this organizaition fiasco because I had a feeling it would take me forever because of my habit of procrastinating on things I don't want to do.

Though I guess my idea of organization would be perceived as a hot mess from someone else's point of view, and to be completely honest, I am absolutely okay with that for the time being. I like to think of it as organized chaos.

Of course I'm not entirely unorganized, there are very few things that I compulsively tailor to my liking, and there has been one important aspect of my being that has yet to be properly settled into the dwelling cave I call a room...
                      My movies.

Over the year or two, I've really taken a liking to collecting my favorite movies, as well as movies i have yet to watch, mostly on tape. Except the problem is that I come  home and leave them in the plastic bag they were placed in and leave them there until they eventually find their own way out. The end result is piles of movies covering what is apparently supposed to be my floor. Ask anyone who has been in my room, it's like tip toeing through an old war zone with hidden underground mines.

I was sitting in my room and I almost didn't know what to do with myself because of the extent of this actually ridiculous mess, but I had to throw myself into it and thought that once I got going, it would go smoother than in my past experiences.

After an hour and a half of sifting through over 150 movies, and arranging them alphabetically (which was a surprisingly calming procedure), saying that I felt accomplished was an understatement. These films were no longer a burden on my brain and my room also didn't look like a pack of wild boars plummeted through the ceiling. I felt like there was a little extra breathing room in my lungs once I was finished, and it was honestly a freeing feeling, no matter how pretentious all of that sounds.