Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Curation Progress (Blog 8)

So as I had mentioned in the previous blog, I had to sift through my enormous and stressful list of songs that looked like it was written by someone severely dyslexic (what does that say about me), but  the point I'm trying to make is that IT IS FINISHED AND CLEAN. After several hours of basically cleaning up my brain, I was successful in beautifying my music choices.

Nice and beautiful, right? Honestly, I was significantly proud of myself because of how frustrating that job was alone. But I learned an incredible amount of all of these artists, I feel like their information is seared into my brain. 

The next few steps I've got to take are to enter all of the photos, and album covers for all of the songs as well as a short description of the artist and that specific album history. 

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