Monday, December 10, 2012

Blogging Around

In Nicole H's post, Nicole reflects upon the organization of her closet (her chair) and the accomplishment felt after having organized one of the most impossible areas of a room.


All I could think while reading this was "tru dat". So many people of the opposite sex don't realize how scary girls really are. We aren't made of flowers and giggles and we definitely do poop (pardon the yucky reference to people saying that girls don't poop), but I'm trying to emphasize that when it comes to a system of organization, most of us are pretty awful and this post just rang so true. My chair and my floor have become my closet but after all is organized (after a million and five hours) it feels miraculous. Miraculous enough to reward oneself with a four hour nap. We are the same person and props on this beautifully worded post.

In Isana P's post, she talks about the struggles of correctly organizing her makeup and getting pumped up by "T Swift" in the process.

I feel exactly the same way as you, except for the whole mold thing. And knowing you, the mold part is actually true, there are probably seventeen different classes of mold creating different WORLDS in your room (hehe, well deserved because of the over usage of "T swift" in your post). But I constantly go through this same process, and its true, after cleaning one thing so efficiently and beautifully you're left itching to clean it all. But kudos on all of the make-up organization, it's a lot harder than it seems to those who haven't gotten the wonderful chance to clean up the most disgusting mess one can leave behind (I dont mean you specifically ;)). I'm proud of you though, whether you believe me or not.