Monday, February 11, 2013

Best of Today: Andy Rooney's Views on Post Modern Art

My initial thought when Mr. Allen pulled up the video of Andy Rooney was that we get to watch a wonderful documentation of the oldest man in the world speaking so highly of post modern art and the unbelievable talent we see before our eyes everywhere we to these days, though I quickly realized how absolutely wrong I was. 

          After just 30 seconds into the video, I thought "I'm going to marry this man". His sarcasm and blunt approach to explaining his views on post modern art not only obviously made me fall in love with this beautiful man but all that he said resonated with me on a level that I didn't think many people would agree with. Rooney pointed out that nowadays people just fill in empty space where it doesn't need to be filled with some unsettling piece of art (ex. Rainbow barfcloud painted bull) and he said "does that really look better than nothing would?". He's got very strong opinions, but in all honesty, I think they're brilliant. 

I sound like I'm kissing some crazy old man's butt, but he just got it absolutely right. And most of the time, all of this unsettling art we see, we try our best to like it and I know in the last that I've tried to convince myself for so long that I like those ugly bright barf painted bulls when in actuality they are probably the stupidest things I have ever seen. A lot of the time empty space is needed because it has a beautiful effect on our surroundings. These ugly art pieces crowd us when they aren't even  needed and very few people seem to realize that. 

Maybe I'm just as nuts as Andy Rooney.