Thursday, September 6, 2012

iMedia: Old Man In Nursing Home Reacts To Hearing Music From His Era

I'm not sure that many people truly realize how severely music effects our lives on a daily basis. If humans are stripped of any trace of music in their lives, I believe that they lose a very important part of themselves. It's an unbelievably deep part of our soul and our consciousness, and without it, many of us would lose our sanity. Sometimes music is so overlooked because it surrounds us from every angle, though being estranged from, what I believe to be, a necessity takes a very obvious toll on anybody who would be submitted to such an experience.

This video absolutely blows my mind because before having listened to music perhaps for years, these people are described as basically comatose. Hardly any movement, no reactions or communication, and showing almost no signs of life. Though after having been handed an ipod and a pair of headphones, simply hearing a song they used to listen to instills in them such tangible liveliness and sheer joy. It is one of the most beautiful things I have seen so far, and such nostalgia clearly restores a strong sense of youth in those who have been isolated from music for so many years. Music is immortal and timeless, and for myself, living without music is an impossible task. It is so deeply rooted in my brain that if it were to be taken from me, my mental state would spiral downwards and I definitely would not end up the same person. This video is tragically beautiful, and it shows a human's raw emotions when they gain a long lost piece of their consciousness.


  1. This is such an incredible video. It really hits you right in the heart. Music is such a huge part of so many peoples lives and to see this man light up after he hears his music is beautiful

  2. This is beautiful to see. It is so inspiring to see that a person that is apparently lost to dementia, comes back to life simply from music.

    When you bring up losing our sanity if we had no music I totally understand where you are coming from because there have been experiments that have proven that loss of human contact (vocal) for as little as 15 minutes produces unusual behavior and since most music is recorded human voice, this completely makes sense. Maybe if the nursing home played background music they would have found out sooner that it would help this man and others.

    I am thrilled you found this and shared it because this proves how connected we all are to music, and through that, to each other. I wish I could say more but there is nothing I can say or write that is clearer than what is captured on video.